What is HLCN ?

Healthy Coin (HLCN) started in 2018 with a new revolutionary concept to change how people deal with transactions.

HLCN is based on ERC 20 etchnology of Ethereum Blockchain. ERC 20 is no most polular technology and widely accepted technology among several reputed exchanger.

Quick Fatcs

    → Token Name: Healthy Coin (HLCN)
    → Technology: Ethereum Based ERC 20
    → Total Supply: 210000000
    → Initial Supply: 160000000
    → Decimals: 18
    → Contract Address: 0x7b0cb0481e20448b030deb3f292b61605ecef050

Why HLCN ?

Healthy Coin was initially developed to ease ecommerce payment system to make it decentralized and transparent. Curreny healthy coin is one of the fastest growing token in India market and covering the rest part of the world. HLCN is rapidly growing token with few upcoming ecommerce partnership.